Capturing the Creative Culture of Current Cabarrus County

May 18 – July 22, 2023

Opening Reception | May 18, 6-8pm

Curator’s Talk | May 19, 11-12:30pm

Family Day | June 10, 1-4pm

Stage Performance | June 22, 7-9pm

Stage Performance | July 13, 7-9pm

The Galleries at Cabarrus Arts Council | 65 Union St South | Downtown, Concord NC

Curated by TuxedoKat | Hosted by Cabarrus Arts Council

“Kiss the Sky” by Regina Burchett

Kiss the Sky - Regina Burchett - LIMINAL

“Self Portrait” photography by Bunny Luna

“Spring Green” Ceramic by Abby Barringer

Spring Green - Abby Barringer LIMINAL

“La India Catalina” illustrations by CARO DIAZ

What is a LIM|NAL space?

The word liminal describes a “threshold”.

A liminal space could be:

  • place: a mall at 4am or a school hallway during summer
  • metaphysical: a spiritual transformation, a shedding of habits
  • mental: between consciousness and unconsciousness
  • aesthetic: unique feelings of eeriness, nostalgia, and apprehension
  • inevitable: life acting as the space between lifetimes and the death being the space which ushers in the next life

Richard Rohr describes this space as, “where we are betwixt and between the familiar and the completely unknown. There alone is our old world left behind, while we are not yet sure of the new existence. That’s a good space where genuine newness can begin.”

TuxedoKat and LIM|NAL

TuxedoKat became obsessed with the concept of “liminal” after hearing the word in a podcast about “quitting”. She, herself, was in a space of “quitting”, not because her goals were challenging and time consuming but because she was not fulfilled by the places her efforts were taking her. She felt like she was growing in the wrong direction.

Then, the moment came when she quit. 

Her quitting opened up an external silence where her permission to withdraw from the world to listen to the voices in her heart, her intuition, her Self was cultivated. This surrender created a cocoon of internal reflection where she could observe old programs of fear-based thought patterns and victory-above-all-else belief systems. In this space between shedding these old programs and consciously rebuilding her identity, she created a new foundation which aligned with the person she wanted to become.

Historic Concord and LIM|NAL

Downtown Concord is about to jump into the 21st Century with three modern, five-over-one, economy-boosting apartments; a courthouse the size of a city block, and a complete makeover to the store fronts of Downtown proper: Union Street. All of these projects will create a new atmosphere in the historic city mingling modern architecture with centuries-old buildings. America’s first gold rush and vital textile industry brought droves of people to Cabarrus County in the 19th & 20th centuries. And now the next boom is approaching as the country-wide mass migration to North Carolina will flood its cities with new influence and overflow into their smaller cultures – including Historic Concord.

So as the construction of the apartments, courthouses and streetscapes overflow into Downtown’s way-of-life, we tune out the beeping of dump trucks and take in the space between the Old and the New Concord.

Before we welcome the wave of new citizens and businesses that will influence our small town culture, we will showcase the creatives who live and influence Concord’s unique “vibe” in there here and now.

Featured Artists

LIM|NAL Artists live in or actively participate in Cabarrus County’s creative culture.

Michael A. Anderson

Dawn Anthony


Beth Badour

Abby Barringer

Kristie Bittleston

Regina Calton Burchett

Doyle Bussey

Charlotte A. Coolik

Becca Cornelius

Crystal Cronan

Kristen Daily

Abigayle Davis

Christine Salkin Davis


Kathleen Finch

Brian Gary Hoyt

Anuja Jain

Nancy Hilliard Joyce

Brian Kepley

Jinna Kim

Valeria Llunna


Bunny Luna

Shane Manier

Victoria Moore

Maria Napier

Sophia Olson

Jason Payne

Diane Podolsky

Anitta Rich

Gayathiri Selva

April Simmons

Beth Stafford

Julie Stephan

Ashley Sedlak-Propst

George Swanke

Guy Tenaro


Felicia van Bork

Chelsy Vazquez

Sherry Vechery

Veronica Wakefield

Elle Studio Arts

Eric Alan Wattinne

David J. Wilder

Bailey Wingler

Featured Performers

Dawn Anthony

Ember Jackson

Eric Landsperger

Kat Harmon


Brian Sullivan

Elizabeth Sullivan

Shane Mainer

Guerilla Poets

& many more!

The Galleries

The Galleries at The Old Courthouse in Historic Downtown Concord, NC

The Cabarrus Arts Council curates four gallery exhibitions on the first floor of the 1876 historic Cabarrus courthouse each year. The Galleries display works by regional and national artists working in a variety of media.

LIM|NAL: The Galleries

Experience the here and now through creative expressions

Being a creative individual is a product of one’s inner freedom and external environment.  LIM|NAL invites those living in the erupting changes that Downtown Concord , Kannapolis, Midland, and Mount Pleasant are experiencing to share their experiences of the NOW – the environment that built us will soon evolve into its next era – before constructions ends and outside influences flood within and add to our ever growing culture. 

The Davis Theatre

The Davis Theatre in The Old Courthouse in Historic Concord, NC

One of two of Historic Concord’s theater, The Davis Theatre occupies the former courtroom on the second floor. With 227 seats, the theatre provides an intimate environment that brings audience members close to the performers. The theatre is named for business and community leaders Roy and Sue Davis in tribute to their generous contribution to its renovation.

LIM|NAL: Stage Production

For the first time in Cabarrus Arts Council history, The Davis Theatre will host performances that coincide with the works in The Galleries

Creative expression takes many forms. To explore this, LIM|NAL will not only celebrate our local 2D & 3D creatives but also those on the performance front. You’ll be introduced to our local musicians, spoken word and rap artists, interpretive dancers, and more!

TuxedoKat is seeking any performance-based expression to fill the stage of The Davis Theatre. Please inquire with any questions.

Opinion Submissions OPEN

Submit your opinions into the show

A lot is happening in Cabarrus County – especially in Historic Downtown Concord – that has directly affected business owners and citizens as the Concord Government ushers in an unprecedented amount of construction to the small city center.
Share your thoughts and opinions about everything that is happening in our county and city right here. These comments will be displayed during “LIM|NAL”.
Anyone directly affected by Concord’s growing pains

Special Thanks

Cabarrus Arts Council

The Cabarrus Arts Council was founded in 1980 in response to the North Carolina Arts Council’s plan to establish a local arts council in every county. In 1982 the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners selected the arts council to serve as its Designated County Partner, receiving and distributing Grassroots funding from the state and the state arts council.

Today the arts council programs and operates the Davis Theatre and The Galleries, conducts one of North Carolina’s largest art-in-education programs for both the Cabarrus County and Kannapolis City school systems, supports arts organizations and artists through grants and workshops and serves as a catalyst and consultant for public and corporate art.

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