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The Art of TuxedoKat

The Art

“TuxedoKat” is a state of mind to Artist Katlyn Cornelius. It is free flowing imagination mixed with unrelenting ambition. It is tangible works of art and opted-in experiences. It is choosing to feel it all and feeling sorry for none of it. #ExploreYourCrazy


The latest from TuxedoKat:

TuxedoKat | Hugh McManaway | Charlotte SHOUT

“Stay Funky” Mural

June 2022

Rowan Rock & Timber asked me to design and paint a mural on his wall at 380 McGill Ave in historic Concord.

TuxedoKat | Hugh McManaway | Charlotte SHOUT

Front-Page Collection:

Blue Strain Glass Sculpture Plaza Midwood

The Blue Strain

January 2022

The Blue Strain glass sculpture represents the brand of Southern Strain Brewery’s second location in Plaza Midwood, Charlotte.

TuxedoKat | Backsplash | Plaza Midwood Charlotte

The SS Backsplash

March 2022

Concord brewery, Southern Strain, invited TuxedoKat to build another blue glass backsplash at their second location in Plaza Midwood, Charlotte, NC.

TuxedoKat | Hugh McManaway | Charlotte SHOUT

Hugh McManaway

April 2022

Up Cycle Arts & Charlotte is Creative invited TuxedoKat to recreate one of nine famous Charlotte statues/art-of-interest for “The Queen’s Green Putt-Putt” in Charlotte SHOUT’s 2022 Spring Arts Festival.

Meta | TuxedoKat | Concord NC

The Meta

June 2021 

Double Column 9′ Rainbow Upcycled Glass Art Sculpture

BookMark | TuxedoKat | Concord NC


January 2021

8′ Historic Mill Upcycled Glass Art Sculpture

DayMaker | TuxedoKat | Concord NC


Summer 2021

13″ Upcycled Glass Hanging Art Sculpture

Baby BookMark | TuxedoKat | Concord NC

Baby BookMark

April 2021

6′ Historic Mill Upcycled Glass Art Sculpture

PentaBloom | TuxedoKat | Concord NC


August 2021

4′ Pentagonal Bird Bath Glass Art Sculpture

Upcoming Productions

Colorful Lights Walking Tour | TuxedoKat | Concord NC

The Concord Sculpture Show

May 2022 – May 2023

Aren’t you excited to Concord’s very first sculpture show?

13 sculptures from seven different artists will be scattered in four walking clusters around Historic Concord. Click below on the button to learn about each sculpture, the artists, and where you can find them! There is a walking guide to aid you as you walk to each sculpture!