TuxedoKat | Puddling Painting

Guided Puddle Painting Sessions and Workshops in Concord, NC.

Tuxedo Kat | Puddling Painting

The Art of Puddle Painting…

Puddle painting is a technique that goes way beyond the usual “paint ‘n sip” experience, as participants take acrylic paint and pour it onto a surface in a variety of ways. Learn this beautiful artform with a simple 3-step process, choose your colors, and marvel at the unique, abstract creation!

Art anyone can do well

Everyone, novice or expert, can enjoy and be proud of creating their own puddle painting. The teaching method we use will have you creating in an easy 3-step process.

Therapeutic and rejuvenating

Therapeutic mindfulness occurs as the activity pulls you out of your head and into your hands. 

fun activity solo or with a group

Our puddle painting sessions can be enjoyed solo, with your partner, or with a group. All our sessions are highly interactive, and everyone in the room gives support to each other along the way.

TuxedoKat | Puddling Painting

Let’s Get Started

A Guided Workshop Experience

Having an immersive artistic experience requires trust in the professional who’s guiding you through the process of creating a piece of art that brings you pride and self-confidence. TuxedoKat guides individuals or groups into understanding puddle painting’s 3-step process by creating a fun atmosphere and talking participants through any “art-attacks” they may experience during their pour. 

“The first pour is always the scariest. It’s a new artform to many people! I always encourage participants to take risks because they can always pour again. By the second or third pour, you’ll know exactly what to do.” – TuxedoKat

TuxedoKat | Puddling Painting

Sign Up For A Workshop!


TuxedoKat offers puddle painting sessions in a variety of ways, including private sessions in her home studio, sessions at your residents, classroom-style workshops, and larger workshops for organizations.

TuxedoKat | Puddling Painting

Watch the Process!

Pouring in Action

Tuxedo Kat | Puddling Painting

TuxedoKat enjoys puddle painting on her own time (plus, has a house full of puddle paintings to prove it) and pours that love into her explanation and demonstrations. It’s like a show where the performers get you all excited, show you the ropes, and turn you loose to try it yourself!

TuxedoKat puts up the “safety nets” for any anxiety or doubt that may hold a participant back with individual demonstrations and verbal guiding during each of the steps. One thing is certain, she is confident that each participant will feel comfortable putting on their own show and having something to show for it (and their friends!)