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Tree of Every Color

Community Creativity Sculpture

Tree of Every Color | Art Charleston | Sculpture
DayMaker | TuxedoKat | Concord NC

Art Charleston

A 5-day focus on the visual arts with signature events, unique experiences, artist lectures, panel discussions, gallery walks, professional workshops, and exhibition tours led by experts, Art Charleston is our city’s premier visual arts event. Art Charleston enhances the cultural landscape through immersion in the visual arts and highlights the Gibbes as a place where strong and diverse human stories are expressed through the arts.

Tree of Every Color | Art Charleston | Sculpture

Details about this project

Introduction to the project:
– Collaboration between TuxedoKat Imaginarium, Charleston Parks Conservancy, and Gibbes Museum of Art
– Community art project involving crafting vibrant flowers

Project milestones and events:
– Teddy Bear Picnic: March 3, 2024
– Display at the Gibbes Museum of Art: April 21 – May 2, 2024
– Installation at Charleston Parks Conservancy: Late April

Structural design updates:
– Decision to use an 8’ pew bench as the base
– Refurbishing and stabilizing the pew bench for durability

Logistics and coordination:
– Mailing paper flower petals to Gibbes Museum
– Transportation arrangements for the sculpture
– Installation of flowers onto the sculpture

Tree of Every Color


  1. an upcycled church pew and tree sculpture adorned with hundreds of community made paper wisteria flowers.

The Meaning

The creation of the “Tree of Every Color” represents a collaborative effort to celebrate diversity, community spirit, and the power of collective imagination. By involving participants in crafting vibrant flowers to adorn the tree sculpture, the project aims to foster a sense of unity and inclusivity. Each flower, representing a unique contribution from individuals and families in the community. 

Partnership with Gibbes Museum

“TuxedoKat and the Gibbes Museum joined forces to craft the enchanting ‘Tree of Every Color’ for Art Charleston. TuxedoKat created a rainbow of flower petals for participants to make flowers at Teddy Bear Picnic and at several family events held at the Gibbes Museum, nurturing local creativity and fostering a sense of belonging. Through these collaborative efforts, the project blossomed into a vibrant celebration of unity and diversity, leaving an enduring legacy in the Charleston art scene.


Tree of Every Color | Art Charleston | Sculpture