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Puddle Painting

Creative activity of pouring paint into unique designs.

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What is Puddle Painting?

Compared to painting, puddle painting in on a whole other level!  Puddle Painting is a 3-step process art that utilizes viscosity, gravity, and a clever mix of water-soluable mediums to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that you won’t give away to Goodwill! TuxedoKat creates her own special blend of puddle paints using acylic paints and other additives.

Step 1:

Layer the cup!

Step 2:

Pour the paint into a puddle!

Step 3:

Expand the paint puddle!

Puddle Painting Workshops:

School Functions

Corporate Events

Brewery & Festival Activity

TuxedoKat can bring the entire Puddle Painting experience to any location! Prices vary according to event/location/quantity.

Contact us to have Puddle Painting at your event!

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Puddle Painting Techniques

Bottle Bottom Pour

Need: bottom part of a plastic bottle

Tree Ring Pour

The most common technique

3-Step Process

Layer, Pour, Expand!