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Projects Needing Funding

We can design all day but we need money to build. Check out these ready-to-build TuxedoKat concepts!

DayMaker | TuxedoKat | Concord NC

Blue Bonsai Bench

A medium-scale TuxedoKat-style glass-art bonsai tree sculpture bench feature

The bulk of the tree will be made from a concrete cast with steel reinforcements and extended “branches” to create the seat and provide durability, strength, and structure.

The steel “branches” will wane from the bulk of the trunk and flare into a cluster of ends that will each display one glass-art “leaf” panel.

Preferred glass: blue mill glass (inventory low, must claim more from older building rennovations in the community).


A large-scale TuxedoKat-style glass-art sculpture with internal illumination

A dodecahedron shape (12 flat faces) containing three triangles each face made with with epoxy, fiberglass, and glass from thrift stores, garage sales, and liquor bottles. Internal illumination can be a soft white ball of light or a pattern of chasing LED lights.

We have conceptualized two versions of the “DoDeca”:

First design is a ~12′ tall and resting on the ground

Second design is ~8′ tall and resting on a pylon.

Endless DayMaker

A large-scale TuxedoKat-style glass-art sculpture with internal illumination and rotating capabilities

The external steel frame will reach ~12′ and will surround the perimeter of the internal glass-art diamond sculpture while holding its internal steel structure and provide kinetic rotation.

The diamond sculpture will have six triangle panels installed onto the internal steel frame fabricated to the center pole.

Triangle panels will be made of epoxy, fiberglass, and upcycled glass.

The base will be diamond-shaped steel.


Amethyst Geode Wall Portrait

A large-scale flat amethyst geode to hang on the wall.

This 72″ x 24″ x 3″ wall portrait will be a replica of an amethyst geode with its greenish outer shell and purple crystals lining the entire inside.

The portrait is 3″ thick to create a “cut into” the geode look. The internal crystals will be colored epoxy casts of actual amethyst rocks and mosaic’d together to form one solid geode.


Feel Good Bench

A large-scale bench with internal illumination with swing features

The shape of the bench is the molecular structure for the feel good chemical serotonin. A steel internal structure will provide structure and hold diffused acrylic/poly panels while allowing the internal light feature to display an array of light modes. Each end of the sculpture provide additional swinging seat features.

Participants are encouraged to sit inside and on the swings of this feature.

Saturation & The Sun

A large-scale bus stop sculpture with colorful sun shadows.

This bus stop platform is constructed of two 4″ steel support beams holding up a circular steel grid butterflying in the center beam to create a sloped roof.

The roof will have durable polycarbonate with thoughtfully design transparent vinyl pattern to cast fun colors in the sun.


“Gibson Mile”

A one mile art & nature walk around the perimeter of the Gibson Mill campus.

The concept of the Gibson Mile is to connect participants to every part of the Gibson Campus while offering sections of art culture, atmospheric hang-outs, outdoor performance and artistic demonstrations, and the glorification of the businesses within. 

Includes: Sculpture garden, installed wall for professional mural, silo turned art piece, large amounts of wall space for a mural festival, graffiti park, outdoor stage, light feature element, and bus stop.