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A collection of portraits painted, assembled, designed by TuxedoKat.

Portrait by TuxedoKat of a man wearing a pink coat and bunny ears adorned with hot pink bugle beads, set against a glittery ombre background in a repurposed frame.

This collection of art was debuted at the Funkytown Sketch Club Gala Show at Table 11 in Downtown Concord on December 14, 2023.

Portrait by TuxedoKat of a man wearing a pink coat and bunny ears adorned with hot pink bugle beads, set against a glittery ombre background in a repurposed frame.

“Pimp Daddy Boo Bear”

16×20” beaded & painted canvas plus 4” glitter frame

This vibrant piece, titled “Pimp Daddy Boo Bear,” serves as a heartwarming Christmas gift for the artist’s husband, David. Capturing the essence of his dynamic character, David confidently dons the artist’s favorite coat, a splash of bold pink, adorned with meticulously applied hot pink bugle beads. These beads skillfully play with light, casting captivating reflections that sculpt the contours of David’s exuberant personality.

Adding an element of whimsy, David sports matching pink bunny ears, a delightful touch borrowed from his daughter’s child-sized accessory. The playful juxtaposition of the sophisticated coat and the whimsical ears speaks to the multifaceted nature of David’s identity.

Enhancing the visual spectacle is David’s textured, multi-colored paisley button-down shirt, adding an explosion of hues that complements the overall composition. The repurposed frame, strategically transformed into a glitterized ombre masterpiece, completes the tableau with a touch of enchantment. This triad of elements – the coat, bunny ears, and shirt – symbolize the harmonious trio that is David’s extraordinary persona.

Beaded and painted portrait by TuxedoKat of a girl in braces holding a trophy, with bugle beads outlining her school sweatshirt and textured paint spelling "Heart of the Jaguar," framed in a 16x20” canvas.

“Heart of the Jaguar”

16×20” beaded & painted canvas plus 2” frame

“Heart of the Jaguar” is a captivating portrait that immortalizes a special moment in the life of the artist’s step-daughter, Becca. Created as a heartfelt Christmas gift for her mother-in-law, Gram, this artwork radiates with the essence of achievement and pride.

In the center of the canvas, a young Becca, adorned in braces and glasses, beams with joy as she clutches her recently earned “Heart of the Jaguar” trophy. The trophy’s outline is meticulously adorned with gold bugle beads, adding an ethereal touch that mirrors the magical pride Becca felt in that very moment.

Becca’s school sweatshirt becomes a canvas itself, with the school’s emblem, the majestic “Jaguar,” brought to life using glass and bugle beads. The negative spaces surrounding Becca are transformed into a collage of fonts and letter types spelling out “Heart of the Jaguar” in textured paint. This intentional use of textured paint invites viewers to connect with the artwork on a tactile level, mirroring Becca’s own appreciation for different textures.

The incorporation of bugle beads serves a dual purpose, bringing both magic and power to the composition, symbolizing the immense pride Becca felt as she truly embodied the spirit of teamwork. This accolade, won for being a teammate with a heart dedicated to the entire team, marked a significant and wonderful moment in Becca’s life.

Portrait by TuxedoKat of a man playing a bass guitar named Monica, surrounded by bugle beads, capturing the essence of Sunday morning jazz in a 16x20” beaded and painted canvas.


16×20” beaded & painted canvas

“Monica” is a musical masterpiece, a portrait capturing the soulful essence of the artist’s dear friend and musician, Eric J. Landsperger. The subject of the piece is none other than his cherished bass, Monica, whose name proudly graces the title.

In the heart of the composition, Eric is portrayed mid-performance, lost in the rhythmic dance of notes emanating from Monica. The scene unfolds within the very building where the artist and Eric forged a deep friendship, their bond cemented by shared moments of Sunday morning jazz. The artwork encapsulates the magic of those sessions, as Eric immerses himself in the act of creating music.

Monica, the historic bass with a rich narrative, takes center stage. Its strings become conduits for the melodies that flow from Eric’s mind, through his skilled hands, and into the instrument with a story all its own. The canvas is brought to life with carefully applied beads, accentuating the vibrancy of the musical connection between musician and bass.

Eric’s dedication to Monica is palpable, as the bass has been a steadfast companion throughout his entire musical journey. This portrait is a testament to Eric’s profound love for creating music and his generosity in sharing this gift with the community that surrounds him.

Portrait by TuxedoKat of a married couple holding hands in the desert hills of Arizona, celebrating their wedding in a 16x20” beaded and painted canvas.

“Alissa & Wes”

16×20” beaded & painted canvas plus 2” frame

“Alissa & Wes” is a vibrant tableau capturing the radiant moment when two souls unite in the enchanting desert hills of Arizona. This piece, a Christmas gift for the newlyweds, encapsulates the essence of Alissa and Wes’s love, as they stand hand in hand, poised to take on the world.

The backdrop of Arizona’s desert hills, where the bride, Alissa, grew up, sets the stage for this joyous occasion. The couple, dressed in the brilliant colors of the desert, the azure hues of the sky, and accentuated by the contrast of Wes’s black tuxedo and Alissa’s flowing white dress, radiate a timeless elegance against the arid landscape.

In this carefully crafted scene, Alissa and Wes face the vastness of the Arizona desert, symbolizing the beginning of their shared journey. The composition celebrates the fusion of colors—blues, blacks, and whites—mirroring the unique harmony of their individual personalities and the unity forged in matrimony.

The beaded and painted canvas, adorned with intricate details, reflects the celebratory spirit of the occasion. The 2” frame further elevates the artwork, framing the couple’s love in a visual narrative that extends beyond the canvas.

Adorable portrait by TuxedoKat of a baby version of a Rottweiler named Ruckus, created on an 11x14” canvas as a sentimental Christmas gift for friends.

“Baby Ruckus”

11×14” beaded & painted canvas plus 2” frame

“Baby Ruckus” is a bugle beaded portrait of the beloved rottweiler Ruckus. This 11×14” artwork, framed with care, is a sentimental Christmas gift for the artist’s dear friends, Zach and Kaylee, who have been long-term supporters of TuxedoKat.

In the center of the canvas, “Baby Ruckus” comes to life with meticulous beadwork, capturing the essence of the couple’s adult-sized furry companion. The bugle beads add a touch of whimsy, transforming Ruckus into an endearing symbol of the growing family.

Zach and Kaylee, valued members of the community, are not only supporters but also friends to the artist. This portrait serves as a heartfelt expression of gratitude and affection, acknowledging their support and celebrating the joyous expansion of their family.

The choice of a 2” frame enhances the presentation of “Baby Ruckus,” framing the bugle beaded baby Rottweiler with a touch of elegance. The artist’s intention to create something sentimental is evident in the care and detail invested in bringing this unique and heartwarming artwork to life.

Portrait by TuxedoKat of a dog named Bailey playing with a shoe, depicted with black and white bugle beads in an 11x14” beaded and painted canvas, framed with care.


11×14” beaded & painted canvas plus 1” frame 

“Bailey” is a poignant portrait immortalizing a cherished moment with the dog of the artist’s dear friend, Val. This 11×14” artwork, framed delicately, captures the essence of Bailey’s playful spirit and the indomitable friendship shared between Val and the artist.

In the center of the canvas, Bailey is frozen in time, caught in the act of playfully interacting with one of Val’s Converse shoes. The joyous scene is meticulously conveyed through the use of black and white bugle beads, creating a visual narrative that emphasizes the lively energy of this canine companion.

Val, a quiet yet formidable friend, is celebrated in this artwork as a symbol of steadfast dedication and reliability. The choice to immortalize Bailey’s memory in this particular moment is a reflection of Val’s deep connection with her loyal canine companion.

This heartfelt Christmas gift serves as a means to transport this cherished moment into an alternate reality, providing Val with a timeless reminder of the joy and companionship Bailey brought into her life. The beaded and painted canvas, with its carefully chosen frame, encapsulates the emotion of the shared bond, paying tribute to a friendship that goes beyond words.

Heartfelt 12x12” portrait by TuxedoKat on a beaded and gold leaf canvas framed with care. A tribute to Becca's first dog, Gracie, who passed away this year, evoking a spectrum of emotions for Becca. Meticulously placed beads and delicate gold leaf capture the essence of Gracie's spirit, celebrating the enduring love Becca held for her beloved pet.

“Gracie Babe”

12×12” beaded & gold leaf canvas plus 2” frame 

“Gracie Babe” is a heartfelt 12×12” portrait by TuxedoKat, presented on a beaded and gold leaf canvas framed with care. This poignant artwork is a tribute to Becca’s first dog, Gracie, who passed away this year, evoking a spectrum of emotions for Becca.

The canvas is adorned with meticulously placed beads and delicate gold leaf, creating a harmonious blend that captures the essence of Gracie’s spirit. The gold leaf adds a touch of elegance, symbolizing the radiant memories and the enduring love that Becca held for her beloved pet.

Becca’s deep affection for Gracie is palpable in this portrait, crafted with care to celebrate and honor the wonderful dog that Gracie was. “Gracie Babe” serves as a timeless commemoration of the bond between Becca and her cherished pet, encapsulating the joy, love, and memories they shared.

Painted and beaded portrait by TuxedoKat of the artist's mother in her late 20s, using blue and red hues, showcasing the complex emotions in an 11x14” canvas.

“Mommy & Me”

11×14” beaded & painted canvas 

“Mommy & Me” is a profound painted and beaded portrait capturing a moment frozen in time from a newspaper photo of the artist’s mother in her late 20s. Despite the strained relationship between the artist and her mother, this Christmas gift is a poignant expression of the artist’s complex emotions.

In this evocative portrayal, blue and red hues take center stage, symbolizing the personalities of both the artist and her mother. Blue, reflective of the artist’s own character, intertwines with red, representing her mother’s vibrant personality. As the artist painted, a deliberate effort to use red—her mother’s favorite color—was met with the persistent intrusion of blue. Layer after layer, the hues merged, resulting in the unexpected emergence of a soft blue tone enveloping her mother’s face.

Notably absent are the anticipated red bugle beads for her mother’s hair, replaced instead by blue beads. This subtle yet significant deviation prompts introspection. Perhaps, in the act of painting her mother, the artist found herself in the hues that defined her own identity. The interplay of colors becomes a metaphor, suggesting that this portrait may be more than a depiction of her mother—it could be an exploration of self through the lens of maternal memory.

“Mommy & Me” stands as a testament to the complexity of familial relationships, offering a visual narrative that transcends the canvas. The use of color, intentional yet unpredictable, adds a layer of emotional depth, transforming a seemingly straightforward portrait into a reflection on identity, memory, and the intricate dance between the artist and her mother.

8x10” beaded canvas by TuxedoKat with a kick-ass frame featuring a bugle beaded octopus, exploring the artist's creativity with intricate beadwork and a repurposed frame.

“Octopus in Fancy Frame”

8×10” beaded canvas board & kick ass frame

“Octopus in Fancy Frame” is a captivating exploration of creativity and craftsmanship, representing the artist’s first foray into the intricate world of bugle beads. Crafted on an 8×10” beaded canvas board, this piece is not just an artistic expression but a meticulous study of techniques, materials, and processes.

The central focus of the artwork is a beaded octopus, a shape chosen for its mysterious and fluid nature. The artist delves into the artistic freedom that the octopus offers—its ability to take on any shape, color, and fluidity akin to water. This piece serves as a visual testament to the joy of pouring imaginative ideas onto the canvas, unbounded by predefined structures.

What elevates this creation further is the kick-ass frame that cradles the beaded canvas. A gift from an aging stained glass artist, the frame adds a layer of history and generosity to the artwork. Collected from Mexico, the frame not only complements the octopus but also becomes an integral part of the narrative, symbolizing the passing on of artistic legacy and the interconnectedness of creative minds.

“Octopus in Fancy Frame” stands as a testament to the artist’s dedication to honing her craft. It’s not merely a piece of art but a journey of discovery, a fusion of meticulous beadwork, and a thoughtful framing choice that breathes life into the mysterious and fluid creature that is the octopus.

Captivating 8x10” beaded canvas by TuxedoKat with a kick-ass frame showcasing a mosaic of a blue butterfly, symbolizing transformation and beauty through meticulous beadwork.

“Butterfly in Fancy Frame”

8×10” beaded canvas board & kick ass frame 

“Butterfly in Fancy Frame” is a mesmerizing blue butterfly portrait, meticulously crafted on an 8×10” beaded canvas board. This stunning piece is a mosaic of layered glass bugle beads, each carefully placed to create a pattern that not only forms the delicate shape of the butterfly but also imbues the artwork with texture and depth. Against a reflective silver background, the colors of the beads come alive, showcasing the intricate beauty of the butterfly.

The beaded canvas finds its home in a kick-ass frame, a thoughtful gift from an aging stained glass artist who generously shared his collection of fancy frames from Mexico. This frame not only serves as an elegant border but becomes an integral part of the narrative—a symbol of artistic legacy and the interconnectedness of creative minds.

The butterfly, a recurring motif in the artist’s personal journey, carries a deeper significance. It is seen as a trailblazing sign, an affirmation that the artist is on the right path. The intricacy of the butterfly’s form, rendered with skillful beadwork, mirrors the artist’s own journey of self-discovery and creative exploration.

“Butterfly in Fancy Frame” is not just a portrait; it’s a visual symphony that captures the essence of transformation, beauty, and the unspoken connection between the artist and the symbolic butterfly. Displayed proudly, this artwork is a celebration of artistic prowess and a testament to the guiding signs embedded in the artist’s personal and creative odyssey.

Whimsical 5x7” beaded and painted canvas by TuxedoKat of an octopus confidently steering an old pirate's ship, created as a Christmas gift for boat-loving friends.

“Octopus on the Wheel”

5×7” beaded & painted canvas board with 2” frame 

“Octopus on the Wheel” is a captivating portrayal, a 5×7” beaded and painted canvas board framed in a 2” frame. This unique piece envisions an octopus confidently taking charge of the wheel of an old pirate’s ship—a whimsical and maritime-inspired creation.

Crafted with meticulous beadwork and thoughtful painting, this artwork is a heartfelt Christmas gift for the artist’s husband’s brother and his wife. Living by the ocean and embracing the boat life, the couple shares a love for all things nautical. The artist aims to secure a special place for her creation on their guest bathroom wall, dedicated to an array of octopus-themed art.

The octopus at the helm symbolizes not just the mysteries of the deep but also a playful nod to the couple’s shared passion for the sea. The intricate bead design adds depth and texture, bringing the maritime scene to life.

The 2” frame not only enhances the presentation of “Octopus on the Wheel” but also serves as a perfect addition to the couple’s eclectic collection of oceanic art. The artist’s aspiration is to contribute to their unique wall of octopus art, making this Christmas gift a meaningful addition to their coastal home.

This artwork is not merely a portrait; it’s a voyage into the world of seafaring imagination, a visual story crafted with love and designed to find a cherished place among the maritime treasures that adorn the couple’s home.