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Live Pendulum Paint Performance

Live performance of the creation of process-driven abstract art

TuxedoKat Live Pendulum Painting Concord NC

Experience being in the presence

of process-driven art:


Live Pendulum Painting Performances


  1. An immersive experience


    Process-driven performance art that creates 2D expressions in deconstructed ways often in dramatic and innovative ways.


    Available for hire. Serious inquires to katco@tuxedokat.com or call 704.791.4050

TuxedoKat | Puddling Painting

The Set-Up

  • The center point of the 16’x16′ round performance area is established by where a pendulum with an 8′ circumference securely hangs from the ceiling.
  • The performance area, or the Artist Walk Area/Paint Zone, is surrounded by a 2′ tall perimeter wall designed to indicate the boundary between the wet paint zone and the audience viewing area.
  • The artist will have plenty of space to roam around the performance area while they use the force of gravity to create process-driven art while onlookers watch the show.
  • Set-up requires time to set the center point, build out the performance area, and erect the wall.
  • Clean-up requires moving the art to a place nearby to cure for up to 36 hrs, clean up of paint, deconstruct the wall and pendulum.
DayMaker | TuxedoKat | Concord NC

The Catch

  • This is a show where the artist interacts with the audience while creating process-driven expressions. People of all ages will enjoy the extravaganza that is Pendulum and Forces of Gravity Painting.
  • TuxedoKat, the Artist, will put on display physics that allow and contraptions that spread paint in such ways that mystify the audience while also creating 2d works of art that can be sold.
  • Can paint one large canvas or many canvases at one showing

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