TuxedoKat | Puddling Painting

How it Works

Puddle Painting Process

The process is simple and anyone at any level can create a beautiful piece of artwork with this 3-step process.

TuxedoKat | Puddling Painting

Fill the cup with pre-mixed puddle paints.

TuxedoKat | Puddling Painting

Pour the paint-filled cup onto the canvas.

TuxedoKat | Puddling Painting

Shape the puddle by tilting back and forth.

Puddle Painting in Action

TuxedoKat | Puddling Painting

Sessions and Workshops…

Sessions and workshops can take place in studio, at your home, a classroom, a place of business, and just about anywhere else! You can paint with a group, your partner, or go solo! 

All classes are designed to be interactive, and participants are all supportive and laughing the entire way! If you want to paint a second canvas, you’re more than welcome!

All supplies at each class are included, and you can make your choice of colors when you get here! The canvas size for classrooms and workshops are usually 16×20”. If you’d like a private session with a custom size, I can facilitate a more intimate sessions with 2 x 2’ and up to 4 x 4’.

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