Can I create something cool even if I'm not an artist?

Absolutely! With one canvas, you will see just how much of a creative artist you really are. Not only will you feel satisfied when finished, you will probably hang it up in your home to show your friends.

What if I don't like my first puddle painting?

Each participant gets up to three pours on their canvas if they are not happy with their pours. I allow this “three pour” rule to help ease any anxiety a participant may have before their first pour. I rarely get participants who don’t LOVE their first pours!

How long does it take for my painting to dry?

If the airflow in the room where it rests is dry and cool, at least 48 hours. The more humid or stuffy the room, the longer the paint will dry.

Will my painting remain glossy even after it dries?

A dry Puddle Painting is matte. A coat of varnish will not only bring out the contrast, but it will give the painting back it’s wet glossy finish.

Can children try puddle painting?

Yes! If your child can hold a cup with one hand, they can Puddle Paint! Also, children are often “more free” in the process than most adults. I like to allow the children to make their own decisions when Puddle Painting and sometimes they LOVE putting their hands right in their pretty pours! “A” for Adventure!

Can the paint stain my clothing?

Acrylic paints that are allowed to dry on clothing, will stain. I encourage participants to wear paint clothes. However, if some Puddle Paints get onto your clothes, the key is to wash it out immediately before it dries!

Is the puddle paint toxic?

No. My pre-mixed Puddle Paints include water-based non-toxic ingredients that wash off with soap and water and are as safe as store-bought acrylic paints. Obviously, don’t consume Puddle Paints and we will be good!

What kind of paint do you use?

Acrylic Paint, Floetrol, Pour Medium are all used.