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Expression Art Park

Concord’s Spray & Brush Paint Public Mural Park 

Mission Statement

To provide our community a public park to promote community interaction through artistic workshops and creative expression.

Why an Expression Art Park?

This project will serve as a welcoming space for experienced mural artists to display their latest creations, for aspiring artists to learn from others and practice their craft, for the citizens of Concord to participate in workshops and enjoy large public art works, for Clearwater to expand its’ reach by adding an outdoor gathering space for programs and become a central hub for a new genre of artists while continuing its’ mission of offering space to gather, create, and learn.  

This Expression Art Park will aim to reach and connect our diverse community through children’s and bilingual painting workshops taught by seasoned professionals.

The Project’s Plan

The Expression Art Park’s proposed location is in the field at ClearWater Arts Center & Studios.

This field is accessible to the community by The Village Greenway, Kerr Street NW, and through ClearWater Arts Center & Studios.

ClearWater offers plenty of regular & ADA compliant parking with a decent amount of field space for spectators to watch an artist paint.

ClearWater also provides access to bathrooms during public workshops & mural painting events.

Project’s Proposed Art Panels

Panel Design

Panel Description

The current design of the park calls for the erection of 11 double-sided panels along a 5’ wide by approximately 300’ long ADA-compliant gravel walking path located in a vacant field adjacent to Clearwater Arts Center and Studios. Each panel would be constructed using 6”x6” exterior grade posts and 2”x4” exterior grade lumber to support ½” exterior plywood panels.  The current design calls for (4) 4’x8’ panels, (3) 8’x12’ panels, (3) 8’x16’ panels, and (1) 8’x24’ panel. 

Panel Layout

4 x 8′ – Small

Four of the smallest panels designed for instructor-led workshops & beginner artists.

Open any time to all muralists

12 x 8′ – Medium

Three medium panels are the smallest of the taller & longer panels with more mural space.

Open any time to all muralists.

16 x 8′ – Large

Three large panels add 4′ length to the taller & longer panels with more mural space.

Open any time to all muralists.

24 x 8′ – Xtra-Large

One Xtra-Large panel adds 8′ of length and is the only panel that must be reserved to paint.

NOT OPEN to all muralists.

Proposed Budget:

Panel Materials                               $6146

Artist                                                 $2400

Intro Mailers                                    $300

Instructor                                          $1800

Panel Installation                            $2500

Granite Paver Path Installation   $5,392

Total:                                                 $18,538

Project’s Proposed Location: ClearWater Arts Center & Studios

Located in Gibson Village

Demographics of the Gibson Village Community:

Gibson Village Hispanic Report

The Expression Art Park will offer workshops in English and Spanish to reach out to its growing Hispanic Population.

RIGHT: Hispanic Report from Concord’s Planning Department reports 25% of the community members in Gibson Village as Hispanic (highlighted in green) with its neighboring village as 47% Hispanic.


Gibson Village Income Report

Gibson Village is a diverse community. This project aims to serve as a community building project to unite, grow, and empower the community members living there.

LEFT: Income Report from Concord’s Planning Department reports Low to Moderate Income within the majority of Gibson Village (highlighted in pink).


Sarah Gay

ClearWater Manager

“For ten years, ClearWater Arts Center & Studios has housed the creative energy of artists leasing studios; and produced free art events, open to all.  These activities, in buildings originally built to house first the City’s original WaterWorks, then Utilities Operations Center, have already had a beneficial effect.  They provide access to art, artists and classes, and our spaces can be rented at low rates for private parties and events. But these are just a start on the larger vision the City of Concord has for this set of repurposed buildings and greenway, in the heart of one of its oldest neighborhoods. Our vision for ClearWater as a ‘hub’ of creative activity for the community has been somewhat limited by staffing and funding. As the City employee charged with managing the daily operations and growth of this center for nearly 7 years, and an arts administration professional who believes deeply in the power of art to unite, foster connection, excite the inner spirit and bridge divides, I am thrilled to embrace the “Expression Art Park” proposal of two local artists just as passionate.  Their idea of adapting a popular concept – of a public park full of panels provided for local artists to paint on – will provide another facet of this ‘creative hub:’ an outdoor venue for those in the community to express their own artistic creations, as well as outdoor exhibition space. Without their willingness to build and run this, we wouldn’t be able to realize it.”

Expression Art Park’s Concept Creators & Volunteers

Katlyn “TuxedoKat” Cornelius

“This project is important to me because I believe in the impact of public art upon its community through the exploration of the individual  and the opportunities of community growth through common interests and participation.”

TuxedoKat Shirt

Doyle Bussey

I love public art and this project will be a wonderful park for spray artists to create interesting work for the public to experience and enjoy.  “This Expression Art Park will be a great place for the community to come together while enjoying a constantly evolving variety of artists and styles.

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