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The Baby BookMark

Rectangular Prism Indigo-Glass Art Sculpture

Baby BookMark | TuxedoKat | Concord NC
TuxedoKat | Puddling Painting
Baby BookMark | TuxedoKat | Concord NC

From Salibury Sculprue Show Webpage:

“This sculpture is a mosaic of naturally indigo-colored glass that was collected from a renovated mill in Concord NC. The glass was formed into panels which were permanently adhered to the internal steel structure. The internal light design is a double helix and can change colors via remote.”


Katlyn Cornelius, also known as TuxedoKat, has been perfecting her recycled glass art process since 2008. Her vision is to create works of art that creatively highlight the reusable aspects of all discarded items. Cornelius also created and hosts puddle painting workshops, whose design is to remove the comparison aspect to group art workshops to improve a participant’s self-confidence and find inspiration in creating a work of art.

Baby BookMark

  1. a smaller version of the original BookMark

The Meaning

After the BookMark was established in early February 2021, construction for a new and improved design began. The original BookMark was double-sided glass, 8′ x 2′ x 2′, and weighed over 300 pounds. It was a massive beast of a sculpture – far too difficult for moving around.

The “Baby” BookMark is single-sided glass, 6′ x 18″ x 18″ and weights enough for two people to easily manage.

The Baby BookMark was selected to display in the 2021 Salisbury Sculpture Show and has been installed at Livingstone College where it will remain until April 2022.

The indigo color is from the glass pieces that came from windows of an old textile mills in Concord, NC captured during a renovation – where this beautiful glass was to be thrown away!

Baby BookMark | TuxedoKat | Concord NC
Baby BookMark | TuxedoKat | Concord NC